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 Share with your friends Share with your friends My Way Catalog September 2013 from » [ ***Basmala*** ] at » [ 09:37 PM ] Prawns with curry, lemon and tomatoes, steps to make prawns with lemon, ways to prepare a dish of prawns with curry and from » [ Maryam Ozli ] at » [ 05: 10 PM ] Crazy chicken with your steak 2013, a wonderful chicken recipe 2013, Beefsteak Chicken2013 from » [ Maryam Ozli ] at the time » [ 05:09 PM ] Hot chocolate from » [ Maryam Ozli ] at » [ 05:09 PM ] Chicken popcorn with steps 2013 Ingredients for chicken popcorn 2013, popcom chicken2013, from » [ Maryam Ozli ] at the time » [ 05:08 PM ] Homemade Snickers 2012 The modus operandi of Snikar 2012, from » [ Maryam Ozli ] at the time » [ 05:08 PM ] The best curry cake Atyab​ ​Chinese Switz Chicken 2013, Ingredients for Chinese Switz Chicken 2013, Chinese Switz Chicken 2013 From » [ Maryam Ozli ] The Hour » [ 05:07 PM ] Fish decorated with vegetables 2013, The best way to prepare fish with vegetables 2013, fish with vegetables 2013 From » [ Maryam Ozli ] The Hour » [ 05:06 PM ]
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 Zahrat Misr from Congratulations : A million congratulations to Al-Ashraf, Amanda. Good luck, God willing.               Souzi from the right corner of my heart : Happy New Year , Shimo, and wish you a million years.          Souzi from the depths of my heart Congratulations to Rosamanda Al-Ashraf, and congratulations to all the promotions, successes and honors in the new year and the Lord of the Forum. Always in progress, and a thousand congratulations to all the women of Egypt,              Dalia Modi , from congratulations : A thousand million congratulations to the supervision, Rosamanda.  A thousand million congratulations to the supervision, Yamoni.           Rosamanda from my heart : Thank you, Rose, Moon          . Rosamanda from my heart : Thank you, Lolita          . Lolita Lola, from a thousand congratulations : Rosamanda. Congratulations, Moon.     Congratulations to you, Supervisor     Rosamanda from Egypt : Thank you, Nada, Moon, and every year you are in a thousand health, happiness, and goodness, and all the sweet things in the world                  oosh from Rose : You have enlightened us, Rosamanda, I hope   you will be happy with us, and whoever comes forward to come forward, God willing        oosh Who greeted Abu Al-Fassad : Happy New Year Have a good year, my dear, and I hope you have a happy New Year, and may God grant you everything you wish for.        Nada Mishmish , from my heart to my country, my beloved : My love, my country, may God keep you for me and you are good , my heart. I love you, my heart. May God keep us away from anything bad. O Lord, Dalia Moody from Happy Birthday : Happy New Year. Nada Mishmish, and next year, God willing, you will achieve everything you wish for. Come on, girls, tell Nada Happy Birthday To You, Nada Mishmish, from a thousand congratulations. Rosamanda : Welcome, Rose, with us . A thousand thousand thousand thousand congratulations. I hope you are happy in the supervision and the commercial department. Nour Becky, my heart . The forum is honored to have you with us. Nada Mishmish from My Love for You, Qamrat : I miss all of you members and administrative supervisors. I hope you have a happy new year. Come on, don’t forget, there is one day left until the voting for romantic nights closes, and God willing, tomorrow we will announce the results. Let’s enter and vote for the best romantic night, Lolita Lola, from a call to all members. Forum : Come on, the sweetest girls, in the humor and competitions section, there are 3 romantic nights that need your vote (Egyptian women’s competition for the most beautiful romantic nights). Come on, look at the nights, and everyone has a vote here, and quickly. There are only two days until the end of the voting. Catch it, Lolita, if it wasn’t for someone who stayed, hahahaha : in care. Oh God, Gomer and Bosley Dodo Dodooooo from Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .                                                                                                           Come on, good night. The origin of the bombs. My tears flowed at the end, and I can't see my          front.  Lolita, had it not been for who, my little ones. Come along and let a bomb come to you . We, without bombs, will shed tears. And without reticence, we have destroyed the fleet. Dodooooo . From Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha : No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no Ahhh, all of it She eats proteins and knows some of them. That's it , people . That's it. What is the chicken? She ate her eggs. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha )                                   
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Welcome to the Egyptian Women's Network Egyptian women love Egypt.
You will find what is new and useful about housework, tips on handicrafts, discussions and tips on treating spouses, and you will learn how to make different foods and sweets, how to treat with herbs, discussions of interest to your health about fitness, weight loss and slimming, tips for taking care of your beauty and taking care of your hair. , skin, and everything that matters to increase your beauty, and everything related to your appearance on the wedding night, important topics during pregnancy,, and how to care for your child, including fashion, games, education, care and upbringing. Chat | Wedding dresses 2012 | Fashion 2012 | wedding dresses 2012 | fashion 2012 | Fashion 2012 | Egypt News | Egyptian presidential candidates Interpretation of dreams | Egyptian chat | Islamic audios | Bedrooms | Decor | Bedroom decor | Editing now Girls games | Flash games 2012 online | Wallpaper pictures | Interpretation of dreams | Knowledge of the Electoral Commission Presidential candidates Results of the People's Assembly elections Egypt | Fatakat | Girls games | Wedding dresses 2012 | Fashion Fashion | YouTube | Soiree dresses 2012 | Lingerie | Nightgowns | Photos | Image download center Egypt News | Veiled women's fashion subtraction rolls | Gulf Abayas | Henna of the bride | wedding celebrations | Bridal supplies Hairstyles | Makeup | Skin care | cooking | Cooking Tips | YouTube cooking | Interviews | Main dishes | Fish and seafood | Cooking recipes | Gateaux | Sweets | How to make pizza | Pastries | Profit from the Internet | Married life | Human Development | Children's cartoon | People with special needs Student research | Computer Software | Website development | Animal world | Photo breaks | High school results Download books | Women's health | Herbs | Housekeeping | Garden landscaping | Lounges | Knitting | Crochet | Knitting | Handicrafts | Egyptian presidential election results Fashion Schools, Azyya Schools | Fashion Games 2012 | We would also be honored for you to register by clicking here if you would like to participate in the forum, but if you would like to read the topics and be informed, please visit the section you wish below.
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General sections
Latest topics in the Welcome and Events Salon section
Welcome and Events Salon (viewed by 19 visitors)
Welcoming new members, getting acquainted, dedications, friendships, wishes, condolences, asking about absentees, communicating, and honoring members here.
Subsections :
 We ask you to pray
» Nada Mishmish’s birthday -...
By Nada Mishmish
5 minutes ago Go to last post
1,318 24,776
Latest topics in the Chat and General Topics section
Chat and general topics (viewed by 54 visitors)
General dialogues, topics, discussions, hot issues, and talk show dialogues
Sub-sections :
 political articles and dialogues
 , hot WikiLeaks issues,
 the Egyptian agenda and public figures,
 Egyptian presidential candidates 2012
» Our forum is our home
By Nile Lover
3 hours ago Go to last post
8,298 67,687
The latest topics in the Loose Heart section
Loose from the heart (viewed by 52 visitors)
Here we release our worries. Write with the Al-Hayrana membership and maintain your privacy: Password 123456
Subsections :
 , interpretation of dreams,
 help me
“ Is it gained or lost????
By Zahrat Misr
3 minutes ago Go to last post
3,250 49,023
Latest topics of the General Islamic Section
General Islamic section (viewed by 60 visitors)
Religious topics, fatwas, and consultations. Write as a member of Iftouni, preserving your privacy: Password 123456
Sub-sections :
 Memorizing the Qur’an and Islamic audios,
 Hadith and Fatwas,
 Islamic personalities and stories
 Islam Home
“ Sarah, the wife of our master Abraham
By Azhar
4 hours ago Go to last post
11,197 69,380
Latest topics in the Egypt Today news section
Egypt News Today (viewed by 109 visitors)
Egypt news, today's news, today's news website, latest Egypt news, sports news, Al-Ahly news, today's news newspaper, accident news, Al-Ahram
Subsections :
 Arab and international news,
 sports news,
 Egyptian elections 2011,
 Tahrir Now,
 news of accidents, crime, and horror
“ Judges dismissed in the Mubarak era...
By Nile Lover
3 hours ago Go to last post
48,250 138,391
Fashion and beauty departments
Latest topics in the Fashion 2012 section - Winter Fashion 2012
Fashion 2012 - Fashion Winter 2012 (viewed by 296 visitors)
Fashion fashion for schools, winter fashion, fashion 2012, winter clothes 2012, summer fashion 2011, fashion collection
Sub-sections :
 Children's fashion 2012,
 pregnant women's fashion
 , lingerie, nightgowns, home clothes
» [Exclusive] Little girls’ dresses 2012, dresses...
By Soraya
2 hours ago Go to last post
7,972 53,436
Latest topics in the 2012 veiled fashion section
Veiled fashion 2012 (viewed by 123 visitors)
Veiled fashion, veiled fashion 2012, winter fashion 2012, hejab fashion 2012, Islamic fashion 2012, stylish hejab
Sub-sections :
 Rolls of veiled veils 2012,
 Gulf, Egyptian, Moroccan, Palestinian abayas
» Fashion for veiled women in different colors...
By Donia Othman
13 hours ago Go to last post
1,679 12,761
Latest topics in the bridal outfits section
Bridal preparations (viewed by 264 visitors)
Special for decorating brides and everything related to their appearance on the wedding night, including engagement and wedding dresses, soirees, and wedding gowns.
Sub-sections :
 wedding dresses and wedding halls
 , wedding dresses 2012, engagement dresses, soiree dresses,
 bride’s henna and decoration
» The most beautiful Syrian women 2012, dresses...
By swoozy
3 hours ago Go to last post
3,909 25,320
Latest topics in the skin and body care section
Skin and body care (viewed by 67 visitors)
Skin care tips, experiences and discussions
Subsections :
 makeup and make-up
“ The most amazing makeup looks in the style of...
by oosh
5 hours ago Go to last post
4,621 30,516
Latest topics in the 2012 hairstyles section, hair care
Hairstyles 2012, hair care (viewed by 63 visitors)
Cuts, dyes, hairstyles, hair care methods
» Amazing hair cream based on experience
by oosh
12 hours ago Go to last post
2,281 15,962
to cook
Latest topics in the kitchen recipes section
Kitchen recipes (viewed by 190 visitors)
Exchanging experiences in the field of cooking, tips and guidance
Subsections :
 Fish - Seafood
 Main Dishes
 Appetizers, Salads and Soups
 YouTube Cooking
 Kitchen Cooking Tips and Instructions
» Tips for your romantic kitchen atmosphere
By dodooooooo
1 hour ago Go to last post
9,028 61,278
Latest topics in the pastries and baked goods section
Pastries and baked goods (viewed by 49 visitors)
Pastry and baked goods corner, pizza recipes, and methods for making Italian pastries, Lebanese pastries, and Egyptian pastries.
Subsections :
 Pies and Pizza
» Easy and light pastries, method...
By dodooooooo
16 minutes ago Go to last post
2,436 16,295
Latest topics in the sweets section
Desserts (viewed by 57 visitors)
Methods of making Eastern and Western sweets
Sub-sections :
 juices, fruits, ice cream,
 cakes and cakes
» Yoghurt juice with pistachios
By eyes that never sleep
3 hours ago Go to last post
3,565 23,262
Commercial and charitable departments
Latest topics in the Friday market section
Friday Market (watched by 75 visitors)
An open market for members to display their products. Warning: The administration is not responsible for any financial transactions between members
Subsections :
 Beauty Products , Used
 - Second Hand,
 Merchant Exhibitions,
 Jobs and
 Real Estate, Homemade Food
“ Two completely new abayas, and the price is surprising
By Tussaud
20 minutes ago Go to last post
1,772 19,793
Latest topics in the Projects and Feasibility Studies section
Projects and feasibility studies (viewed by 7 visitors)
A forum dedicated to presenting and discussing feasibility studies and project ideas
Sub-sections :
 Profit from the Internet,
 Voluntary and Charitable Work Corner,
 Currency Trading | Forex
“ Everyone who has a project idea and does not...
By pearbero
12 hours ago Go to last post
1,087 4,693
Family sections Family
Latest topics in the Married Life section
Married life (viewed by 76 visitors)
Discussions and advice on treating the husband in pursuit of a happy marital relationship
Sub-sections :
 engagement, arrears in marriage,
 human development and etiquette
“ Women are less attracted to men...
By Zahrat Misr
9 minutes ago Go to last post
4,847 37,220
Latest topics in your child care section
Caring for your child (viewed by 41 visitors)
To care for your child at all stages of his life
Subsections :
 People with special needs,
 children’s stories, cartoons, and CDs
» Foods that stimulate the intelligence and health of children
By Zahrat Al Ain
3 hours ago Go to last post
4,275 27,523
Latest topics in women's health section
Women's Health (viewed by 94 visitors)
A section specializing in topics and discussions that concern your health, as it specializes in women, childbirth, and fitness
Sub-sections :
 Fitness and macrobiotics
 , family health,
 herbs and alternative medicine,
 pregnancy and childbirth
 , delayed pregnancy and childbirth
» Dissolving fat
By Samia Hassan
2 hours ago Go to last post
5,528 39,208
Latest topics in the Department of Decoration and Interior Design
Decoration and interior design (viewed by 395 visitors)
It contains ideas and designs for home and kitchen decor of various furniture and designs
Sub-sections :
 Bedroom decorations 2012, living rooms
 , reception rooms, reception,
 garden design and coordination
» Beautiful decorative shapes - colors...
By eyes that never sleep
1 minute ago Go to last post
6,279 38,624
Latest topics in the handicrafts section
Handicrafts (viewed by 125 visitors)
Housework and housekeeping
Sub-sections :
 knitting, crocheting and sewing
» A very chic crochet jacket workshop for winter
By Umm Radhi
1 hour ago Go to last post
3,467 26,883
Variety, entertainment and culture
Latest topics in the Literary Corner section
Literary Corner (viewed by 70 visitors)
Poetry, stories, thoughts, articles, scientific books, and comprehensive general information
Subsections :
 General culture and books
» [Copied for information] The Tassili Caves...a reality stranger than...
By Zahrat Al Ain
1 hour ago Go to last post
6,768 42,256
Latest topics of the Department of Education and Universities
Education and universities (viewed by 73 visitors)
Schools - School - Students - Teacher - Educational Department - Universities
Sub-sections :
 Language education, Egyptology
 high school results, student inquiries, student research

» A complete explanation of the rules of the language...
By Azhar
4 hours ago Go to last post
3,117 20,412
Latest topics in the general and explained computer programs section
General and explained computer programs (viewed by 53 visitors)
Solutions to the problems we face with computers and the Internet and useful information about them
Sub-sections :
 Photoshop and design programs,
 website development, forums and blogs,
 Flash games 2012 online,
 Mobile Corner
 , Girls’ games 2012
» New features from Google in the engine...
by oosh
12 hours ago Go to last post
3,514 20,797
Latest topics in the Miscellaneous Sections section
Various sections (viewed by 92 visitors)
General information, competitions, and various cultural questions. Question and answer competitions
Subsections :
 Tourism and travel
 Animal world
 Humor and competitions
 Pictures, breaks, background pictures
“ Very hot romantic stories...
By Tussaud
27 minutes ago Go to last post
7,031 49,498
Administrative departments
Latest topics in the archive section and duplicate topics
Archive and duplicate topics (viewed by 59 visitors)
A special section for topics that are added and there are previous similar topics
Subsections :
 RSS Feeds
» [Exclusive] Glory be to God in His power, knowledge...
By Samia Hassan
2 hours ago Go to last post
4,839 30,579
Latest topics in the Suggestions section for developing the forum
Suggestions for developing the forum
To view ideas and suggestions for developing the forum
Subsections :
 Administrative Decisions,
 Forum Guide and Rules
» Important regarding transferred topics...
by oosh
11 hours ago Go to last post
144 1,406
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